Restaurants in Makati City

Known as one of the most commercialized and advanced cities in Metro Manila, Makati City is a good place to visit if you want to relax as well as to unwind. Different business establishments like malls and bars surround this city. Aside from the establishments mentioned, there are also attractive Makati restaurants where people can taste different cuisines like Filipino, French, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Seafood, Mediterranean, Korean and Thai. Along with Makati restaurants are coffee shops that serve outstanding coffee, teas, chocolate and milk drinks.

Filipino cuisines are unique and sumptuous which are the reasons why many travelers look for restaurants that serve famous Filipino dishes like adobo, sinigang, Bicol express and sisig. Most of Makati restaurants that serve Filipino cuisines are located in Glorietta and Greenbelt, the two famous malls in the city. In these malls, travelers can dine at Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar as well as the Adobo Republic since these two are renowned for their expertise in serving Filipino dishes.

On the other hand, many restaurants in the city serve French cuisine dishes like escargot cooked with garlic and parsley butter in a shell, as well as, the popular French dish coq au vin. These dishes are served at French restaurants that are commonly found at the high class hotels in Makati City like Prince Albert Rotisserie and Soleil Cafe Moderne.

For people who are in search for Italian restaurants in Makati, they can have a look at Italliani's Restaurant and Don Henrico's. Some of the Italian dishes that they can try at Italliani's Restaurant are the Creamy Mushroom Crostinis, Sicilian Chicken Salad and Chicken Parmagiana. For those who will dine at Don Henrico's, some of the famous dishes in this restaurant are Seafood Romano Pizza and Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca.

Meanwhile, if you are the type of person who prefer Japanese cuisines, Makati is still the place to visit for there are also other Makati restaurants that offer Japanese dishes like Wasabi Bistro and Bar as well as Isshin Japanese Restaurant. Both of these restaurants serve the famous sushi so those who crave for Japanese dishes should try dining at these establishments.

Aside from Japanese dishes, there are Makati restaurants that serve Indian cuisines. These restaurants are not that hard to locate since most of them are located at the heart of the city. Two of the best restaurants in Makati, Manila, Philippines, that cook Indian dishes are The New Bombay which is located at Salcedo Village and Spices Restaurant which can be found at Peninsula Manila Makati Avenue.

Vietnamese dishes are also available at some outstanding restaurants in Makati City. Pho Tai, Chin Nac and Pho Chin, Bo Vien are the popular Vietnamese dishes served at Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House. On the other hand, Thien Duong Vietnamese Restaurant at Dusit Hotel Nikko in Manila serves the best Pineapple and Prawn in Lettuce as well as Banana Seasoned With Honey.

Makati is also the place to go to if you are in search for the excellent restaurants that serve delicious seafood meals. Every one should try the outstanding seafood dishes in Gerry's Grill like Kilawin na Pusit, Garlic Adobo Shreds, Crunchy Squid Heads and Baked Scallops. Hence, they can try Kilawing Tanigue, Krispy Hipon, Krispy Crablet and Calamares at Dencio's Bar and Grill.

For those who want to experience dining at Makati restaurants that serve Mediterranean dishes they should visit Cafe Mediterranean and Stars of Giorgio. All the dishes that are available at these establishments are sumptuous so they will not have regrets if they will dine at the mentioned restaurants.

To people who like to try other Asian cuisines like Thai dishes, the best restaurants to visit are Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant and Gourmet Fried Rice. When you dine at Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant the best dish to try is its grilled food and steaks while at Gourmet Fried Rice the dish to order is Curry Fried Rice.

There are also Makati restaurants that serve Korean dishes like Korea Garden Restaurant and Kaya Korean Restaurant. These restaurants are very accessible so those who like to try their famous dishes like Sinseollo and Gujeolpan.

Aside from Korean restaurants in Makati City, there is one dining place and at the same time coffee shop that serve international or mixed menus. This cafe is easy to find because it is situated at the ground floor of Greenbelt 3 in Ayala Center. For those who prefer dining at a place that serve international dishes, the place to go is Cafe Havana.

Other coffee shops in Makati City are widely visited by people since their menus are excellent and outstanding. Some of these establishments have live bands so those who will visit these places will surely be relaxed. Le Coeur de France and Windows Cafe are two of the best coffee shops in the city that people should have a look at.

Truly, Makati City is the best place to visit in Metro Manila, if people are in search for the top and outstanding restaurants in the country. Different cuisines are served at Makati restaurants so people will not have a hard time finding for places that offer Asian, European and international dishes. The restaurants in Makati are also accessible so those who will try dining at these establishments will surely be relaxed and will enjoy eating the finest and sumptuous meals in town.






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