Park Square in Makati City - Philippines

Located in the bustling city of Makati, Park Square is a mall that even our parents remember since it has been there for a good few years now. Previously the only mall in that area, Park Square still has the ability to bring in crowds despite the rise and rapid expansion of more modern malls such as Rustans, Glorietta and the undefeatable, Shoemart.

Park Square has only one floor but it is fully air conditioned to increase the shoppers' comfort and has stores to spark every interest imaginable. Park Square's parking is now linked to Shoemart making it convenient for the shopper to go from one mall to the other and still be near enough to their car to load shopping bags. Indeed, parking and shopping in Manila has never been made more convenient than in Park Square.

Feeling the hunger in Manila? Park Square offers a wide array of restaurants to choose from. The famous Max's which specializes in fried chicken is safe bet for anyone who wants to try Filipino food. If Chinese is preferred, Wok Inn serves excellent Chinese dishes and one can even watch how the food is prepared. If one is craving for Japanese, Yoshinoya is affordable but tastes great. On the other hand, if one is not that hungry for a full meal and just wants to grab something to eat while strolling in Manila, Magoo's Pizza is the optimal answer. If entertaining guests in the heart of this bustling city in Manila, there are many restaurants across Park Square that offer fine dining.

They say every man is a boy at heart. There's a hobby shop in Park Square that sells model airplanes and cars. Though costly, they offer a wide array of toys for the big boys and this is the most conducive location in Manila to buy such items.

The stores in Park Square range from electronics such as DVD players, televisions and mobile phones to household needs that can be found in Ace Hardware. Rather than bearing the Manila heat in search of gadgets, Park Square is a great alternative. If the ladies feel the sudden urge to drop by a salon in the middle of shopping in Manila, there's a great parlor there called Jessi Mendez.

Park Square 1 is located in Arnaiz Avenue in Makati, the most progressive city in Manila. It is very accessible especially if coming from the busy highway of Edsa. If one doesn't feel like going through Edsa to get to Park Square, an alternative route would be through Makati Avenue. Since it's in the heart of the Makati Business District in Manila and right next to Glorietta, it's impossible not to find this mall or to find someone to ask who wouldn't know where it is.






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