New Bombay Restaurant in Makati City - Philippines

They say that Indian food is something one can either be totally crazy about or something that one absolutely hates. The New Bombay restaurant, can certainly change one's perception of Indian food and can convert the haters to long term fans of the spicy yet mouthwatering Indian cuisine.

The New Bombay has various branches in Manila and what's great about it is that they serve the real deal and not a mild version of the authentic stuff meant to cater to those who are not true blue fans of curry. When in this great restaurant in Manila, it's best to start off one's meal with an authentic Indian drink called Lassi, which is available in irresistible Mango or strawberry flavors and will only cost one fifty pesos. For starters, Samosa which comes with the mango chutney dipping sauce is a great way to have one eager for the main course. Among the recommended meals are Mutton Rohan Josh and Chicken Makanwala. In The New Bombay, unless one asks for a milder version of their specialties, one best be prepared to gulp down Gulabjamum, a sweet treat meant to put out the fire in one's mouth. Indian cuisine has been brought to one's fingertips with The New Bombay's affordable choices. For a meal that's surely going to make one burp with delight, one can spend between five hundred to a thousand pesos.

There are hotels in Manila that can be found relatively near The New Bombay. In the Makati area found in the city of Manila, there are several five star hotels such as Dusit, Shangrila and Manila Peninsula where one can opt to stay which is just 5 to 10 minutes drive from Jupiter Street. In Greenhills, Elan Suites is perhaps the closest and its bright lights can be seen with ease if driving along Wilson headed towards Greenhills Shopping Center.

Upon entering The New Bombay restaurant in Manila, one will be amazed at how warm and cozy the place looks like. The waiters are very friendly and would be more than happy to suggest meals that would ensure that one has the best dinner.

Although The New Bombay has no independent website, there are many reviews of it online if one uses known search engines. The branches in Manila are in Greenhills and there is also one in Makati along Dela Costa Street. When in Greenhills, The New Bombay can be found along the restaurant strip in Wilson and when in Makati, just look for the Sagittarius Building. To inquire at the Greenhills branch of The New Bombay the number to call is 727 0737 while the restaurant in Makati can be reached at 819 2892.






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