Makati City Hospitals

Being among well developed cities in Metro Manila, the premier cosmopolitan center of the Philippines, Makati boasts of some of the best comprehensive medical facilities in the country. These are modern Makati hospitals with very functional facilities and updated medical expertise at par with the best in the world.

There are Makati hospitals that cater to the medical and hospitalization needs of the middle and higher middle income groups as well as higher income groups. There are also Makati hospitals dedicated to the marginalized constituents, and there are those designated for the military and police.

Makati Med

Among popular hospitals not only in Makati but the whole country is Makati Medical Center along Amorsolo Street in Legaspi Village, Makati. People fondly refer to it as Makati Med and deem it capable of handling even the most complicated medical cases. In fact, it is among multi-awarded Makati hospitals for its quality service and modern facilities. It was again awarded in the 2007 Hospital Management Asia Awards where no less than 75 hospitals in 17 countries competed. Internationally, Makati Med is known among Makati hospitals with good health care strategies, high standards, and effective patient-care procedures. Prominent personalities in politics, business, and media, both Makati and non-Makati residents, often opt to go here for health and medical attention.

Fort Bonifacio General Hospital

Fort Bonifacio General Hospital in Fort Bonifacio is among Makati hospitals designated for military and police officers and personnel, including their families. The infirmary has a corps of military nurses and doctors that also conducts community services now and then in adjacent residential areas. It is also known for its competent psychiatric services at the Presidential Security Group Hospital within the compound. Psychiatric service is a major component of routine military physical and mental check ups. Among community services held here from time to time is a free eye cataract surgery.

Manila Naval Hospital

Located inside Fort Bonifacio in Makati City, Manila Naval Hospital, or more popularly known as Bonifacio Naval Station Hospital or BNS Hospital, caters to the health, medical, and hospitalization needs of naval officers, crews, and personnel. Even seamen are considered, as well as marine and other officers, staff, and employees of the different branches of the Philippine Army and police. It is a 100-bed naval infirmary, offering among other health and medical services, blood chemistry, both facalysis and urinalysis, ECG treadmill for cardio and respiratory diagnosis, and routine x-ray and other radiological services. It is among Makati hospitals functioning as a tri-service hospital group dealing with administrative, medical, and nursing services.

Ospital ng Makati

A government hospital aimed at improving health and medical services to indigent communities in Barangay Pembo in Fort Bonifacio, Makati, Ospital ng Makati is among Makati hospitals that perform simple medical and surgical procedures, like blood-letting programs, lip surgery among the kids, and rescue and quick response during emergencies and disasters. It also does medical, health, and maternity consultations, regular check ups, and simple health diagnosis. The hospital also accepts maternity cases. With its present needs and challenges, the local government of Makati is currently looking for options to address the need to improve this hospital facility.

St. Claire’s Medical Center

An efficient Makati hospital serving the Palanan area along Dian Street is St. Claire’s Medical Center. A private medical center, it also caters to non-Palanan and non-Makati residents referred to it. Among its health and medical services are internal medicine, newborn screening, radiology, and HIV testing. It is one of the different Makati hospitals that banks on projects dealing with responsible attitude and outlook on sex or RAOS. It is alarmed at the rate of venereal diseases spreading due to unsafe sex.

Thus, Makati health and medical services consider all possible physical and mental health needs of people from all walks of life.





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