The Landmark in Makati City - Philippines

The Landmark Manila is one of the oldest malls found right at the heart of Makati. Conveniently located right at Makati Avenue and minutes away from the Ayala Center Malls, Landmark Manila remains a proud department store separated with four floors each with their particular specialty shops and offers for mall and shopping enthusiasts.

It was back in 1986 when Landmark Manila was established. It was previously constructed together with Anson's but the latter focused more on selling appliances and other electronic gadgets. On the other hand, Landmark Manila provided shoppers with a more holistic range of choices. It offers everything ranging from kid's apparel to foreign souvenir items. Back when it first came to be, Landmark became a popular place where Makati workers go to right after coming out of their offices. Indeed its strategic location made sure that it would be filled from weekdays and most especially during the weekends.

Landmark effectively separated its dining area from the merchandise. If you wanted to sample a feast of many different varieties, the lower ground is where Landmark Manila's food court is located. You can choose from a wide variety of dishes each with their own particular theme in mind. But if you wanted the comforts that restaurants bring, there's Via Mare right in the middle of its second floor. Via Mare hosts a range of Filipino dishes that can surely satisfy the palate from breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner. Aside from Via Mare, Landmark Manila also has French Baker situated right at the passage way from the mall going to Glorietta. French Baker offers a line of French dishes and pastries with an exquisite touch of European delish.

Aside from retail and merchandise, Landmark also has its own grocery line which can be found at the lower ground floor. On the upper ground floor, Landmark showcases its beauty line as well as its record bar. The men's casual and formal clothing apparel can also be found in this area. At one of the area's corners, office supplies are also strategically situated right beside the decorations area. Going up through the escalator, visitors will be taken to see the ladies section which is composed of the undergarments section, formal and casual apparel, night wear, and even a bazaar for marked down clothing items. The second floor also houses the shoe section for both men and women.

Going up to reach the third floor, the entire children's section can be found. This is also where the toy section can be found where kids would certainly find it hard to miss out on cruising down the alleys while marveling at the latest in toys. The third floor is also where home decorations and home accessories can be found and browsed through as moms find themselves lost in trying to picture some home improvement ideas.

Truly Landmark indeed makes its own land mark right at the heart of Makati Avenue in Makati city, Philippines.






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