Kamayan Restaurant in Makati City - Philippines

From the very name of the restaurant, Kamayan, you could well sense the Filipino flavor in it. Well, yes, Kamayan Restaurant is a good choice for those who would like to sample the Philippines' brand of food. The restaurant can be found in numerous locations around Manila but you may start on the Makati spot. Makati's Kamayan Restaurant is situated along Pasay Road. You cannot possibly ignore its presence because it has been a very prominent figure in the place for years.

Kamayan Restaurant offers one of the best ways to enjoy the native taste of the Philippines. Its manner of serving food is inspired by the fiesta buffet concept, which is very familiar among Filipino diners. Each and every dish featured in Kamayan is mostly found in a classic fiesta setting. Menudo, Kare-Kare, and Sinigang among others define the standard of the Filipino cuisine.

Eating at Kamayan Restaurant is a cross between attending a town fiesta and having a classic dining experience. The prices, meanwhile, are reasonable. All that you need to pay aside from the buffet fee is the table charge. Since you get the food in a buffet table, you can give your money its best value. Kamayan Restaurant is best enjoyed by big eaters who can easily chomp big chunks of food and still leave some space for more. Diners on hurry must look the other way around, meanwhile, because Kamayan Restaurant is best enjoyed when you can shed long hours on the table. It is more economical that way as well.

Kamayan Restaurant's Makati branch is the pioneer branch. Although the district was left behind by the fast paced growth of the other Makati districts, Pasay Road remains to be near the best hangout places in Manila. It is also near the residential villages and it gets its edge mostly from that.

One of the many good things about Kamayan Restaurant is its allure in serving home cooked meals. Dining at Kamayan feels like you have never went too far away from country home. This is very interesting, especially for those who gone overseas for a while and for those who are completely estranged with the Filipino way of life. Filipinos who went abroad would mostly seek the taste they grew up with and so they take a trip to Kamayan as soon as they land on Philippine shore. As you can see, upon visiting Kamayan Restaurant, foreigners also flood the place. That is because Filipinos like to bring their foreign friends around to best describe what their typical food is like. Call Kamayan Restaurant today at telephone numbers (632) 815 1463.






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