Gloria Maris Restaurant in Makati City - Philippines

Gloria Maris is one of the most reliable restaurants in providing authentic Chinese dishes. This restaurant has several branches spread around Metro Manila. Each branch maintains the vision of the restaurant, which is to serve the best taste of China.

One particular Gloria Maris branch is definitely worth a visit and it is located right at the heart of Makati, Manila's busiest district. Gloria Maris Greenbelt 2 has all the restaurant's goodness served with a pleasant ambience and very efficient service.

Gloria Maris serves a delightful array of Chinese dishes from the appetizers down to the desserts. The wide variety of side orders is a certified scene stealer, too. You can choose to go Hot Pot, get all the necessary ingredients, and cook your own food or go order ready-to-eat servings.

Eating at Gloria Maris could be very expensive. If you are a big eater, you usually need to spend between USD10 and USD20 to get satisfied. But the price is all worth it to pay for good food. Gloria Maris serves the tastiest and most satisfying Chinese meals you could ever get from a local restaurant. Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, for example are pegged at USD4 per order and that is just about your appetizer! Yes, it is one of the priciest Hakaw out there but it is the best tasting indeed as well. The Hot Pot, which could well be your main course, could cost you around USD12.

Gloria Maris is definitely one treat that you could give yourself every once in a while. Since it is located in Greenbelt, you will never get lost getting to it. The other good thing about dining at Gloria Maris Greenbelt is that you are just a few walks away to some of the hippest places in Manila. Biggie malls, five-star hotels, unique spots, and other establishments are within reach. When you are in Makati, especially in Ayala Center, you will never run out of places to explore.

A taste of Gloria Maris will change the way you know Chinese cuisine. Each serving of food gives out authentic flavors of China that will make you feel like you are dining straight from Hong Kong! Gloria Maris can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will surely find something that will give your palette and your stomach the ultimate satisfaction. If you are craving for Chinese food, never leave out Gloria Maris from your list. Call (632) 757-4171 to 74 today and book a seat for the most luxurious Chinese dining experience of your life!






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