Dusit Thani Restaurant in Makati City - Philippines

If you wanted to experience a range of Asian delicacies right in Manila, Dusit Thani can offer all of these plus more. Located right in the middle of EDSA avenue and Makati City in Manila, Dusit Thani has proven itself one prime location when it comes to relaxed dining and hosting various business and social events. The hotel was also able to leverage itself up from the competition by offering a wide variety of delicacies. Thus, Dusit Thani has proven itself one remarkable treat which nobody should ever miss if they are just within the Manila area.

Authentic cuisines are prepared in Dusit Thani by world renowned chefs, each having their own special delicacies. High society people and politicians alike are only some of the notable regular guests in Dusit Thani. Certainly the elites of Manila have found a way to satiate their cravings and their luxurious palates here in this hotel. And why not? Food is not the only thing which Dusit Thani is proud of but also its exquisite and innovative line of beverages.

Those who crave for Italian themed food should try Tosca. This is one among the line of restaurants being offered in Dusit Thani. In here, the setting is provided via a chic and elegant style with authentic Italian cuisines being offered by an in-house chef. Aside from the food, guests will also be treated to a sophisticated line of wines which the Wine Spectator Magazine have recognized through an 'Award of Excellence.' Private rooms are also available in Tosca which can be reserved for up to fifteen people at maximum.

Authentic Thai dishes is then being served right at Dusit Thani's Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant. In here, experienced chefs have masterfully created authentic Thai dishes which are presented in the same Asian element. The restaurant is open everyday from lunch until 2:30 in the afternoon. Benjarong Royal is located right at the mezzanine of Dusit Thani. A Japanese line of dishes is also being offered in the hotel which showcases a line of bento boxes as well as a widely popular sashimi and sushi bar. The hours of operations are similar to that of the Thai restaurant.

Then of course, Filipino dishes are also never forgotten within Dusit Thani. There's the Fiesta San Miguel which in itself is an award-winning restaurant as well which offers freshly brewed type of San Miguel beerthe Philippine beer that is simply world-renowned. The restaurant has won recognition as it is the only restaurant to offer freshly brewed beer right from its microbrewery and can be easily paired with authentic Filipino dishes. For more info, guests can contact the hotel at Tel: (632) 910-4203 up to 05.






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