Dencios Bar and Grill in Makati City - Philippines

Considered as one of the top providers of outstanding food within the Metro Manila area, Dencio's Bar and Grill has over 20 strategically distributed branches over the Philippines. Known for its great food, classy ambiance, and high quality customer service, this restaurant has five great locations within the Makati area, including branches in Glorietta, Jupiter, Paseo Center, Paseo de Magallanes, and Power Plant Mall.

The Glorietta branch of Dencio's Bar and Grill can be found within the third floor of Glorietta 4, where numerous shoppers and consumers dine in search for mouth-watering food and classy dining experience. The cuisine here are usually Filipino, concentrating on grilled food and other seafood delicacies. With a casual and vibrant atmosphere, people can make the most of their stay by paying from as low as 200 pesos to high as 500 pesos. Among the specialty of the house are Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, and Sizzling Sisig. In the meantime, Fried Talong, Grilled Salmon, and Grilled Seafood are heavy favorites among visitors and guests. A few minutes drive from Manila, people can contract the branch at the number 728-1243.

Basically, all the branches of Dencio's Bar and Grill within the area of Makati offer similar products with similar prices as well. Similarly, they are within a few minutes from Manila, allowing easier accessibility and convenience to all its guests and customers. In the meantime, the Jupiter Street branch of Dencio's Bar and Grill in Bel-Air can be contacted through the numbers 896-9593 and 896-0320, with close proximity to the Manila area.

Furthermore, the Paseo Center branch of Dencio's Bar and Grill can be found within the third floor of the commercial establishment, with the contact number 840-4187. Like the rest of the other franchises, this one is just a few minutes drive from Manila. Meanwhile, the Paseo de Magallanes branch is situated at unit 301 at the Oakridge Plaza, which is very close to Manila as well. Its contact numbers are 729-0098 and 757-0614.

As one of the biggest and finest shopping malls in Metro Manila, the Power Plant Mall is definitely another wondrous location to enjoy the different delicacies offered by the Dencio's Bar and Grill. The contact number for this branch is 898-0601. In this branch, people can also enjoy the same mouth watering food such as the creamy Kare-Kare, crunchy Sizzling Sisig, and tasty Fried Talong.

When in Manila, people should never fail to make a stop at any of these outstanding branches of Dencio's Bar and Grill in Makati. Aside from the good tasting food, the excellent service is guaranteed to amaze and please the distinct tastes of people. This place is ideal for special events like birthdays, reunions, and even other business purposes.






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