Barrio Fiesta Restaurant in Makati City - Philippines

Craving for authentic Filipino food right at the heart of Manila? Then Barrio Fiesta is indeed one festive feat created to bring out the love of Filipino food in each and every one of its guests. Barrio Fiesta has been present in the Manila culinary scene for over decades already and yet its legacy in its fine cuisines continues to wow many of its patrons. It was way back in 1958 when Barrio Fiesta was officially opened to the public right in Manila and since then its timeless range of delectable food offerings live on.

Frequenters of Barrio Fiesta can certainly attest to the authenticity of its Filipino dishes. Among its delicacies, the considerably most popular one is the Kare-Kare. This is a peanut based dish which consists of either beef or ox tripe as its meats with inclusions of vegetables such as pechay, green string beans, and puso ng saging to name a few. This special Filipino delicacy is made more delicious with the aid of shrimp paste also known in Filipino as bagoong. The popularity of the said dish has become more apparent and is also enhanced further by the own special shrimp paste recipe made by Barrio Fiesta. So eventually, all Barrio Fiesta locations all over Manila have offered its own shrimp paste sold per bottle to its patrons and customers.

Aside from the temptingly exquisite Kare-Kare, the Filipino restaurant also offers other Filipino favorites such as Sinigang, Nilaga, and other Seafood Specialties. From appetizers to desserts, its guests will surely be in for a Filipino treat. With this in mind, it's no wonder the restaurant have become a famous dining spot for visiting foreigners who wanted to a literal taste of the Filipino culture. The restaurant itself is also proudly designed in Filipino ambience with abaca chairs being used inside. Paintings of Filipino country life can also be found spread in the interiors of its restaurants. Prices in Barrio Fiesta are also kept relatively affordable and some food courts also offer branches of the said restaurant all over Manila.

Indeed Barrio Fiesta has truly made itself reach for greater heights. Nowadays, the heart of this Filipino restaurant is conveniently sprawled all over Metro Manila as well its nearby regions. Aside from the restaurant line per se, Barrio Fiesta has also leveled up its operations by conducting its own line of condiments. If you wish to know more about the offerings of this Filipino restaurant, you can visit ther website at






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