Adobo Republic Restaurant in Makati City - Philippines

Adobo is a staple viand among Filipinos. That rich flavor of meat soaked in vinegar, soy sauce and lots and lots of garlic is always a treat. At Adobo Republic, the classic dish is reinstated into different proportions!

Adobo Republic serves Adobo generously -- of different variants. Each meal with Adobo as the featured dish is served with a side dish of salted egg and tomatoes, another Filipino favorite. Adobo Republic proves how versatile the dish is. The reason Adobo is a surefire hit among foreign visitors as well is that the meal is composed of the complete deal - meat and spices stewed into the perfect consistency. The flavor is authentic Pinoy yet it doesn't hurt any other palette.

Aside from Adobo, Adobo Republic also serves the whole stock that composes Filipino cuisine -- Sisig, Chicken Inasal, Sweet & Sour Pork, and Pork Barbecue among others. Then again, you will hardly find a place for any of them because the Adobo dishes will keep you seduced with your every visit. The desserts are also not too significant to mention. It is not as if they taste badly. It is just that this is Adobo Republic and there is no better meal to order other than Adobo!

But the best thing about Adobo Republic, really, is found on the price list. Imagine, you can have a full meal for a little over USD2, which is truly amazing! Each meal is served with steaming hot rice, which is equivalent to a great load of carbohydrates. We know Filipinos are rice eaters. Rice is the basic that binds their food altogether and at this particular restaurant, rice is offered in huge proportions. You will definitely come out of the restaurant fulfilled!

Adobo Republic has different branches spread around the Metro but the best Manila location can be found in Makati. Adobo Republic in San Antonio Village is just a few blocks away from Ayala Avenue, also known as the New York City of the Philippines. The store, thus, has easy access to the biggest malls, hotels, and other establishments you could ever imagine. After a full meal at Adobo Republic, you can stroll around Makati and see what more the city has to offer.

Those who want a bite of the Filipino cuisine just need to drop by Adobo Republic. Its main dish defines the Filipino palette best. Go and find Adobo Republic in Makati or call (632) 728-1401.






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