Aberdeen Court Restaurant in Makati City - Philippines

If one is thinking of a venue to celebrate that special occasion and make it as memorable as possible, Manila has just the location situated along Makati Avenue. The Aberdeen Court, which has been around for over a decade and has celebrated with many the numerous special occasions in their lives, offers more than just a venue place in Manila. The Aberdeen Court is also a restaurant that serves the best of everything one can possibly ask for.

What's good about the Aberdeen Court in Manila is that its Dine-in Menu allows its guests to taste the finest of what they have to offer. If working on a budget, the Aberdeen Court has a set menu that costs only one thousand three hundred and forty four pesos which includes the following: Shanghai Spring Rolls, Minced Chicken Birds Nest Soup, Fish Fillet in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Pork Mandarin Saute, Mixed Vegetables Chow Mien and all go white rice, and those simply irresistible Sesame Balls for dessert. This menu alone can feed about six people, which brings the cost down to just a little over 200 pesos for a fine meal. However, if one is seeking to impress while in Manila, then they have a set menu that costs a little over three thousand pesos that includes the finest that Aberdeen Court has to offer. There's cold cuts and crab meats in fresh mushroom soup to start off the meal, Shrimp and Diced Meat with Cashew Nuts in Nest, chicken imperial, Seafood Spring Rolls in Macau Sauce, Fried Milk in Downunder Sauce, Mixed Meat Chow Mien, Beef Tenderloin and the famous Aberdeen Fried Rice and two desserts, sweet sesame balls and Almond Jelly Compoi. Aberdeen Court has an impressive variety of foods that can be categorized under Chinese, Seafood and Mongolian.

This restaurant in Manila has a rather simple but elegant look from the outside but once inside, one will be enthralled at the cozy and comfortable atmosphere that it provides. It's the perfect place to dine in style and have intimate conversations with loved ones. The Aberdeen Court is very close to the tourist area in Burgos Street and the hotels in its vicinity are Century and Oxford Suites.

Although Aberdeen Court does not have its own website, there are many sites that promote this well known restaurant in Manila. These sites can be pulled up by typing Aberdeen Court in any search engine. Aberdeen Court is in the bustling city of Makati in Manila and is open from 8am to 10pm everyday. To be more precise, it's located on 7842 Makati Avenue. If one needs to reach them to ask more specific questions from their helpful and courteous staff, their numbers are 895 7438 and 896 8426.






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