A.Venue Mall in Makati City - Philippines

A.Venue Mall in Manila tries to bring back the glory days of Makati Avenue. With an elegantly designed built that can complexly house different types of shops, A.Venue Mall promises to leverage malling in Manila by providing an integrated shopping venue where entertainment and a lineup of events will also be present aside from endless boutiques and department stores. The concept behind A.Venue mall is the totality of lifestyle improvement with an Asian look that caps off an elegant air and veers it away from the usual styles mall goers have been used to everywhere in Manila.

The three storey mall is comprised of different rows of and floors of pleasures. The ground floor is set to be provided for various dining escapes made to satisfy the varied palates of its mall goers. A.Venue mall in Manila is set to be a hodgepodge of different cuisines. The eating pleasures provided for in this area ranges from snack bars to elegantly styled restaurants for those who wanted to celebrate special moments or simply hold business meetings. Aside from these, lifestyle services will also be made easily accessible at this point thus making A.Venue mall Manila a holistic entertainment and relaxing experience.

Aside from the amazing dining experience, A.Venue mall in Manila also has a fitness theme which it will be offering right at its second floor. In here, A.Venue mall provides various health as well as wellness facilities to provide visitors a relaxing experience which they may not always find in other malls or establishments around the Manila area.

Then on its third floor, A.Venue mall will be offering a line of retail services as well as an area where exhibits can be made and expos can also be held. Those who wish to hold fairs and events can promptly rent or make reservations here in the third floor.

On top of all these, A.Venue mall is also equipped with parking spaces down in the first and second floors of its basement areas. This area comprises approximately 400 spaces for occupancy of its mall visitors. Aside from the mall itself, A.Venue is also built with its own line of hotel and residences suites. Thus a series of condominium units is also available for those who wanted to move in this vicinity which is definitely a few steps away from everything. The Antel Spa Residences is also a sister company connected with A.Venue. A.Venue mall is situated right along Kalayaan Ave. in Manila and directly across from the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati.






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